Law Enforcement Coordinator


The Attorney General’s Office Law Enforcement Coordinator acts as a liaison to all levels of law enforcement in the state of Alabama. The coordinator organizes the annual statewide law enforcement summit training which covers issues on constitutional and criminal procedures; laws of arrest, search and seizure; and changes in the state's criminal and traffic laws. The Law Enforcement Coordinator reviews and answers most constituent complaints lodged against local and county law enforcement agencies, on behalf of the Attorney General. Upon request, the coordinator provides assistance to law enforcement agencies. When the Attorney General is unable to attend certain events, the coordinator will attend law enforcement conferences and association meetings on his behalf in order to stay abreast of issues affecting law enforcement.

First Responder Line-of-Duty Death Certification

Law Enforcement: Please mail the completed certification request form to:

Office of the Attorney General
Post Office Box 300152
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

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Law Enforcement Coordinator Contact Information

Office of Alabama Attorney General 
Law Enforcement Coordinator
Phone: 334-242-7300
Fax: 334-242-4891

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 300152
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Physical Address:
501 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36104